Baby bumpers are designed to cushion the hard sides of a cot or cotbed and help to stop wriggly arms or legs hanging out between the bars, thereby promoting a restful nights sleep. That’s why, at Natures Purest... Read MoreRead Less

we’ve created a range of baby bumpers that are both soft and breathable.

Cots and cotbeds can be beautiful in design and come in all kinds of sturdy materials. Because, when you put your baby down at night, it’s good to know that they’re well protected with a bed that will stand the test of time as well as soft cotton bedding that will keep them warm and safe at night. But many parents also like to know that if their little one goes a wandering in their sleep that they won’t be bashing their precious heads, arms or legs on the sides of the cot when they do.

Baby Bumpers For Cots & Cotbeds

Our baby bumpers for cots and cotbeds come in lovely subtle tones of brown, cream and green, featuring some of our favourite animal friends as part of the range of cotton quilts and baby bedding sets. So, as well as doing the job of protecting your newborn from any knocks or bumps, they can add to the delightful theme of your nursery too.

Our cot bumpers are also made from organic cotton to ensure a sleeping environment that is free from any harsh chemicals that might have been left behind on the fabric. As with the rest of our baby bedding sets, you can know that our baby bumpers are the purest they can be.

Order Online For Fast Delivery

If you would like to find out more about buying a cot or cotbed bumper online for your nursery and you like the look of one of the themes in our delightful range, then you can order online for fast delivery and have your brand new baby bumper with you straight away.

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