• Why A Baby Towel Could Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift 

    Why A Baby Towel Could Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

    There are two things that make a gift for a new baby extra special. Firstly the usefulness, because buying for a new baby doesn’t come cheap, so the more helpful and thoughtful you can be in what you buy, the more gratefully it will be received.

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  • Why is Organic Cotton Better For The Environment?

    Cotton is big business. It’s used for so many things in our daily lives, which is what makes it the world’s most widely used natural fibre. It’s present in pretty much everything, from the clothes we wear, to the sheets we sleep in and even some of the food we eat. So, if it’s a natural fibre, then there’s nothing wrong with it, right? Well, maybe if left alone to grow the way nature intended.

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Natural Cotton Clothing? 

    What Are The Benefits Of Natural Cotton Clothing?

    We see cotton pretty much everywhere we look. Whether it’s in clothing, bed sheets, curtains, towels and all manner of other products around the home. It’s certainly a useful fabric, thanks to its durable and comfortable nature. But is conventional cotton everything it’s made out to be?

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  • Why Choose Natural Toys For Your Baby 

    Why Choose Natural Toys For Your Baby 

    These days, more than ever, we are surrounded by the kind of environmental toxins and chemicals that can be dangerous to our health. In the food we eat, the clothes we wear and even the air we breathe, there is often an element of pollution.

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  • Organic Cotton Clothing For Babies With Eczema 

    Organic Cotton Clothing For Babies With Eczema 

    Eczema is an incredibly uncomfortable medical condition which often affects young children and countries such as ours have some of the highest numbers of sufferers in the world. Continue reading

  • 15 Reasons To Choose Organic Clothes For Your Baby 

    15 Reasons To Choose Organic Clothes For Your Baby 
    As we know, a newborn needs extra special tender loving care when he or she first arrives in the world. After all, having spent nine months in the sterile environment of the womb, exposure to the world outside can take some getting used to.

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  • Top 20 Funniest Baby Present Opening Videos

    Top 20 Funniest Baby Present Opening Videos

    Christmas is a time of giving to friends and families and all others alike, it’s a time where we make memories and traditions that we instil into our families.

    All Christmas's are special but the Christmas that stands out for us the most at Natures Purest is your baby’s first...

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  • Christmas Activities For Babies 

    Christmas Activities For Babies 

    If a newborn is the latest addition to your household, then this time of year will doubtless be truly magical, as you look forward to your baby’s first Christmas.

    If it’s your first time being a parent, you might be wondering what sort of things you can do to keep your little one occupied and entertained, so that you can make the most of such a lovely few days together.

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  • Natures Purest Win Progressive Preschool Award 

    We have always taken pride in the high standards and good moral values which go into the products that we make at Natures Purest.

    That’s why we ensure that, from the very start, every item within our range of newborn clothes, toys, nursery bedding and accessories is always created in the most ethically minded and natural way possible. It’s also for this very reason that we put real heart and soul into the way we look after our customers.  We work hard to ensure that every person who comes into our stores, or shops online with us, is treated in the most helpful and friendly way.

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  • Babies First Christmas Decoration 

    Babies First Christmas Decoration

    Christmas is just around the corner and if there’s a new arrival in the household, it’s a time to look forward to even more than ever. A baby’s first Christmas can be a magical occasion, as friends and family gather round to share in the joy that one so small can bring. And because of this, it’s always a good idea to mark the occasion, so that you and your loved ones can look back at it with fond memories for years to come.

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