Why A Baby Towel Could Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift 

Why A Baby Towel Could Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

There are two things that make a gift for a new baby extra special. Firstly the usefulness, because buying for a new baby doesn’t come cheap, so the more helpful and thoughtful you can be in what you buy, the more gratefully it will be received.

Secondly, it’s an opportunity to give something that extra bit special, perhaps a touch of super cute luxury that the parents might not stretch to themselves. And it’s for this very reason why a beautifully designed baby towel could make the perfect baby shower gift.

Now, we couldn’t resist the pun about a baby towel being ideal for getting them dry after a baby shower (sorry), but, we must say that, when it comes to giving new parents something they will love, it makes a great choice.

Over time, people have debated whether buying a baby towel is a necessity, when standard towels and wash cloths will do, but, when you’re choosing a special gift for a new baby, do you really want something that ‘will do’?

Why Choose A Baby Towel

There are some great reasons why a snuggly little cuddle robe or sweet bathrobe and slippers set would make a lovely gift to give new parents at a baby shower, but the cute factor has to be a big one.

While expectant parents are stocking up on nappies, wipes and sleepsuits, they may not be thinking so far ahead to the little luxuries, or the moments to come, such as a baby’s first bath. But, when that special time does come around, this is a gift which will be the baby’s very own item of clothing that has been created to give them the most comfortable experience possible.

Yes, it’s not as basically essential as a pack of nappies, for example, but it’s an awful lot nicer to receive when beautifully presented to you as a gift. (And, of course, the cutest little cuddle robes make for the sweetest, spiky haired pictures to take straight after bath time).

There are no hard and fast rules at a baby shower, but knowing that you have given the parents-to-be something delightful and useful to use, which they may not buy themselves, are some great guidelines to go on.

Happy babies make for happy parents

There are also some obvious reasons why choose a baby towel over a standard bath towel – a big one being that they are made a lot softer (which means a happier baby). And they come with a little hood attached to stop the little one feeling the cold as much once they’re out of the warm water.

Babies lose a lot of heat from the top of their heads, so, for the same reason you put a hat on them when they’re outside, a baby bath towel is designed to keep in the warmth from the bath.

We all know how it feels to step out of the shower on a cold day, or, how relaxing and comforting the loving caress of a relaxing bath can feel… until you have to get out. Of course, the same happens for a baby, although, instead of saying ‘Brrr!’ very loudly in a high pitched voice and sprinting for the towel rail, they will voice their discomfort in a different way. Bath times can be quite difficult for a baby to get used to, to start with anyway, so reducing the risk of crying afterwards is a plus.

Top tip: Hang the towel on a warming rail or radiator while you bath your baby, so that, when they’re ready to come out, you can wrap them up all snug and warm straight away.

Garments Without Guilt - Why our baby bath towels are so special

We have a range of towelling bathrobes, cuddle robes, wash mitts and slippers for babies to slip straight into after bath time to keep them nice and warm before bed. They come in neutral colours and super cute animal designs to ensure the little one will look so sweet, that it’s a picture perfect moment just waiting to happen.

And, what makes our products so special, is the fact that they’re made with conscience and care. Our baby towels come under the ‘Garments Without Guilt’ scheme, which is run by Sri Lanka Apparel. The ethically minded nature of this campaign protects worker's rights, creates opportunities for education and personal growth and helps to alleviate poverty in the communities in which the clothing is made.

So, as well as being super soft and kind to a baby’s sensitive skin, the towels are also made with consideration for the people who make them too. Choose from our range of products for after a baby’s bath time, which include the following:

  • My First Friend towelling bathrobe
  • Sleepy Safari cuddle robe and wash mitt
  • Hug Me bathrobe and slippers set
  • Sleepy Sheepy cuddle robe
  • Pure Love bathtime gift set
  • Pure Love bathrobe and slippers set
Buy your perfect baby shower gift today

If you have a baby shower coming up and are looking for something super special to give the hosts, that will be luxuriously soft, treasured for years to come and kind to a baby’s skin, then take a look at our range of products and order your perfect baby shower gift online today.

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